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Raised in rural Ohio, Cassaundra Giles began painting over twenty years ago. Inspired by her high school art teacher Mrs. Garmon and fascinated by the work of Jackson Pollock, she developed her own unique style of abstract acrylic painting. The opportunity to travel gave her an even deeper appreciation of the visual world and an understanding of the human response to color. 


After marrying her husband Andrew and starting a beautiful family, Cassaundra rediscovered her talent and became more intentional in her artistic practice. Painting with her young daughter has allowed her to explore new techniques and create with the fearlessness of a child.


Her work reflects the colors and beauty she sees in the natural world and conveys a sense of warmth, joy, and hope through her creative use of color and texture. 


Cassaundra’s hope is that her paintings will echo her deep connection with God and bring a sense of light and peace to the spaces where they’re displayed. 


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