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'From the Heart of a Child'

A painting line exclusively created by Maedelyn Giles, the daughter of Cassaundra & Andrew Giles. All net proceeds generated from this line will be donated to the Pediatric Congenital Heart Association of Northwest Ohio.

'Maddi's Story'

In January of 2017, Maedelyn Giles was born. Her parents, Cassaundra and Andrew, already knew that Maddi would be different, but they couldn’t anticipate the challenges they would face as a family in the first two years of Maddi’s life or the way their faith would grow in the process. Born with an atrioventricular septal defect, or AVSD, Maddi would need surgery to repair her heart. But neither her parents nor her doctors knew when she would undergo surgery or what the outcome would be.


The Giles’ spent the first months of Maddi’s life traveling between Ohio and Michigan, searching for answers about their daughter’s health. Maddi’s tiny heart continued to grow, even though she struggled to develop at a “normal” rate. Every inch of growth was a miracle. On April 26, 2018, her doctors felt that Maddi was at the optimum point to undergo surgery to repair her heart. The operation was successful, and Maddi began her long journey to recovery.


With renewed energy and hope for the future, the Giles family could enjoy their time together in peace. Maddi found joy in music, books, and her stuffed elephant. Cassaundra relished the time she had with her daughter and rediscovered her love of painting and its therapeutic value. Maddi was hesitant to paint with her mother at first, but she soon found that she had a natural talent. When her parents asked her if she’d like to sell her artwork to help other children who are facing congenital heart disease, she responded with an enthusiastic “Yes!” and From the Heart of a Child was born.


Maddi’s favorite colors are pink and purple, but she’s not afraid to experiment with color, texture and new techniques in her painting. Her mother describes her innocent yet fearless approach to painting as “expression in its purest form.” Maddi’s paintings are bold, bright and full of hope, just like her.


The Giles’ have had the opportunity to connect with other families facing similar challenges, and they are passionate about helping children like Maddi receive the care they need. The proceeds from Maddi’s paintings will benefit the Pediatric Congenital Heart Association of Northwest Ohio, which provides resources for families and funds research and advocacy programs. From the Heart of a Child is a beautiful culmination of the faith, hope, and love that sustained one family through a difficult time, and we hope it will help other families on the journey to healing.


' From the Heart of a Child ' 


Items are available for purchase please contact us directly to make arrangements for purchase

Prices range from $25-$75, plus frame and shipping & handling. 

**All NET Proceedes will be donated to Pediatric Congenital Heart Association of Northwest Ohio**

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